BORNIT® WL Bitumen Adhesive (white label)

bitumen adhesive | roof coverings | roofing materials | roof inclinations
Short information
  • bituminous adhesive
  • for the adhesion of roofing sheets and other roof covering materials
  • for roof inclinations up to 12.5%
  • can be brushed on
  • can be applied directly from the container
Bitumen Adhesive (white label)
5 ltr. / bucket
sufficient for:
EAN code
euro pallet
approx. 6.0 m²
4 017228 00305 4
75 bucket
Bitumen Adhesive (white label)
10 ltr. / bucket
sufficient for:
EAN code
euro pallet
approx. 12.5 m²
4 017228 00361 0
45 bucket
Bitumen Adhesive (white label)
25 ltr. / bucket
sufficient for:
EAN code
euro pallet
approx. 31 m²
4 017228 00344 3
18 bucket
approx. 0.8 l / m²
Storage note
  • min. +5 °C, product is not sensitive to frost, keep away from sources of ignition
  • in originally sealed containers storable for 12 months

Status technical data sheet
02 June 2021

Areas of application
BORNIT® Bitumen Adhesive is designed for adhering roof membranes in the form of sheets and other roof coverings to roof pitches up to 12.5 %. BORNIT® Bitumen Adhesive adheres to concrete, masonry, plaster, bitumen roofing felt and other common roof membranes. Prior to application on concrete, masonry and plaster, prime the substrate with BORNIT® Bitumen Primer for pore wetting. In case of old, weathered roof membranes, priming with BORNIT® Bitumen Primer is essential! BORNIT® Bitumen Adhesive is not suitable for adhering polystyrene products and for bituminous sheeting!
BORNIT® Bitumen Adhesive must not be directly applied to wooden roof boarding as well as lathing or permeable substrates! In this case, suitable bituminous roof sheeting (e.g. V 13) must be nailed down in order to prevent leakage or penetration, resp., of the material at high temperatures.

Type and properties
BORNIT® Bitumen Adhesive is a spreadable, medium-viscosity, bitumen-solvent-based adhesive without fillers. BORNIT® Bitumen Adhesive has been tested according to works standard.

  • economical and cost-reducing as there is less equipment, material and labor
  • ready for use
  • can be processed cold

The substrate must be dry and free from dust or other contaminations. For mineral substrates and in case of heavily weathered roof membranes, use BORNIT® Bitumen Primer for priming.

BORNIT® Bitumen Adhesive can be used without heating and dilution. BORNIT® Bitumen Adhesive must be stirred up prior to processing! During processing, the product should have a temperature of min. +20 °C. The processing temperature (ambient and substrate temperature) should not be below +5 °C and not above +35 °C.

approx. 0.8 l / m²

Product data in brief
Product type
bituminous cold adhesive
bitumen, solvent
Density at +20 °C
0.93-0.95 g/cm³
medium viscosity
Film-forming components
approx. 70 %
Heat resistance
at +70 °C no disadvantageous change
large or small brush, roller
Processing temperature (ambient and substrate)
at least +5 °C to +35 °C
BORNIT® MultiClean Spray, BORNIT® MultiClean or BORNIT® Bitumen Cleaner
min. +5 °C, product is not sensitive to frost, keep away from sources of ignition
Shelf life
in originally sealed containers storable for 12 months
VOC category
Actual permissible VOC content
< 260 g/ltr.
Hazard class according to ADR
entzündbare Flüssigkeiten (Flam. Liq. 3)
Acc. to Industrial Safety Regulation (BetrSichV)
Flash point
30 – 43 °C

Health and fire protection, occupational safety
For information on handling, safety and ecology, please refer to the current safety datasheet.

In originally sealed containers storable for 12 months. The product is not sensitive to frost!

Disposal note
Only recycle completely empty containers. Material residues can be disposed of according to AVV-ASN: 080409* (adhesive and sealing compound residues containing organic solvents or other hazardous substances).

The above information replaces all previous technical information about the product. Thus, this information is no longer valid. The details have been compiled according to the latest state of application technology. Please observe, however, that, depending on the state of the construction object, deviations from the method of application suggested in the datasheet may be required. Unless agreed otherwise in individual contracts, any information contained in the datasheet shall be non-binding and thus does not represent an agreed product constitution. We reserve the right to any changes in the information contained in this datasheet anytime.

UFI PQ60-N0M1-S000-E1Q2

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