BORNIT® Repabit

bitumen | repair compound | quick-drying | filler compound
short information
  • particularly fast drying time, waterproof
  • solvent-free, therefore no dissolving of critical substrates
  • no material loss during repair work thanks to user-friendly small containers
  • no mechanical stirrer necessary, just mix with a suitable spatula
  • suitable for adhesion of insulation boards
  • safe transport and storage thanks to the powder component inside
  • environmentally friendly 2-component system, as it is solvent-free
3 kg / bucket
sufficient for:
EAN code
euro pallet
approx. 4 - 6 kg/m²
4 017228 00494 5
32 bucket
  • for surface waterproofing: depending on the water impact class: 4-6 kg/m² (resulting in a dry layer thickness of 3-4 mm)
  • for the formation of hollow fillets: approx. 0.5 kg/running meter
  • for adhering insulation panels: approx. 2.0 kg/m²
storage note
  • frost-free without fail!
  • in originally sealed container storable for 12 months

status technical data sheet
09 December 2020

areas of application
BORNIT® Repabit is very versatile and can be used for most different repair work on bituminous substrates and for waterproofing of smaller surfaces. These uses are, e.g., repairs of thick bitumen coatings and structural waterproofing, sealing of small surfaces in contact with the ground, quickly providing hollow fillets in roof and foundation areas, sealing-in pipe passages and penetrations, etc. The repair compound can be applied using a trowel and is suitable for waterproofing horizontal and vertical surfaces as well as for adhering rigid-foam insulation panels to bituminous and mineral substrates.

type and properties
BORNIT® Repabit is a quick-drying, 2-component repair compound based on a polymer-modified bitumen emulsion with additives for improving adhesion. It consists of a fibre-reinforced, solvent-free bitumen component and a reactive powder, which upon admixture with the emulsion results in a solid, yet still flexible coating or filling compound, resp., for most different waterproofing and repair purposes. The paste-like consistency of the material enables application of high layer thicknesses in one working step. The repair compound is waterproof, crack-bridging and resistant to all natural substances commonly occurring in the soil.

  • particularly fast drying time due to the special powder component, waterproof
  • solvent-free, therefore no partial dissolution of critical substrates
  • small, user-friendly container, thus no waste of material in repair work
  • no mechanical stirring equipment required, simply mix with a suitable scraper
  • adheres insulation panels to concrete, masonry and bituminous substrates
  • high transport and storage safety due to enclosed powder component
  • environmentally friendly 2-component system, since solvent-free

Make sure that the substrate is firm, clean, dust-free and free from separating agents. The substrate should be dry and absorbent. In case of highly absorbent or sanding mineral substrates, we recommend priming with BORNIT® Basement Primer.

Following homogeneous admixture of the two components, BORNIT® Repabit is ready for use and is applied to the substrate using a scraper or smoothing trowel. The substrate must have been prepared as stated under “Substrate”. The combination package includes two parts. The upper part contains the powder component (1 kg) and must be taken out first. The lower part contains the bitumen emulsion (2 kg). Both components are matched in terms of quantity and are intensively mixed using a long scraper, until a homogeneous, lump-free compound results (mixing time approx. 2 to 3 minutes).
At a material temperature of +20 °C, the processing time is approx. 1 hour. At extremely high temperatures during summer, the reaction time is shorter. BORNIT® Repabit must not be applied in case of frost or impending rain. Application should be undertaken using a smoothing trowel or scraper at object and ambient temperatures above +5 °C. In that, it must be observed that the processing temperature (ambient and substrate temperatures) is not below +5 °C and not above +35 °C.
Protect the fresh coating from rain and strong solar irradiation!

1. Repairs on waterproofing made of thick bitumen coatings
Clean the defective areas in the thick bitumen coating mechanically. Cut out hollowed-out peripheral zones at defects. Chamfer the edges of the existing waterproofing in the areas to be repaired.
Apply a first layer with the same thickness as already existing on the adjacent surfaces. Once this layer has dried off, apply another layer on the surface to be repaired and the adjacent areas with an overlap of at least 10 cm, levelling it off towards zero. In that, make sure that the design-related minimum layer thicknesses are observed.
In principle, the surfaces in the area in contact with the ground repaired with BORNIT® Repabit, too, must be protected against damaging using suitable materials according to DIN 18533.
Filling of the construction pit must only be undertaken after complete and thorough drying of the coating. The valid regulations as well as guidelines for structural waterproofing must be observed.

2. Adhesion of insulation panels
Adhesion of insulation panels with BORNIT® Repabit should only be undertaken after complete and thorough drying of the structural waterproofing. Depending on the instructions given by the manufacturer of the insulation panels, apply the material to the insulation panels in a punctiform manner using a scoop or over the entire surface using a toothed trowel.

3. Formation of hollow fillets and connections
With its quick-drying properties, BORNIT® Repabit is suitable for the formation of hollow fillets and for sealing-in pipe passages and penetrations up to the load case of “non-pressing water”. In that, a maximum layer thickness in the fillet must not exceed 2 cm.

for surface waterproofing: depending on the water impact class: 4-6 kg/m² (resulting in a dry layer thickness of 3-4 mm)
for the formation of hollow fillets: approx. 0.5 kg/running meter
for adhering insulation panels: approx. 2.0 kg/m²

layer thickness control
Maximum layer thickness in the hollow fillet of 2 cm!

product data in brief
product type
bituminous 2-component repair compound
fibre-reinforced bitumen emulsion, reactive powder
density at +20 °C
bituminous emulsion: approx. 1.02 g/cm³ bulk weight reaction powder: approx. 1.41 g/cm³
11.0 - 11.5
paste-like, suitable for trowel application
scraper, smoothing trowel
processing temperature (ambient and substrate)
not below +5 °C and not above +35 °C
processing time
approx. 1 hour at +20 °C
thorough hardening time
drying time: approx. 24 hours at +20 °C ambient temperature (with layer thicknesses up to 7 mm), with higher layer thicknesses and/or lower temperatures, the drying time is extended
in the fresh state with water, in the hardened state with BORNIT® MultiClean Spray, BORNIT® MultiClean or BORNIT® Bitumen Cleaner
frost-free without fail!
shelf life
in originally sealed container storable for 12 months
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substances hazardous to health in terms of the ordinance on hazardous materials
hazard class according to ADR
boiling start and Boiling range
+100 °C
health and fire protection, occupational safety
For information on handling, safety and ecology, please refer to the current safety datasheet.

BORNIT® Repabit must be protected from frost! Heat impact above +30 °C and direct sunlight should be avoided. Can be stored in the originally closed container for 12 months.

disposal note
Only recycle completely empty containers. Material residues can be disposed of according to AVV-ASN: 080410 (waste adhesives and sealing compounds except for those falling under 080409), the powder component alone can be disposed of according to AVV-ASN: 170101 (concrete).

The above information replaces all previous technical information about the product. Thus, this information is no longer valid. The details have been compiled according to the latest state of application technology. Please observe, however, that, depending on the state of the construction object, deviations from the method of application suggested in the datasheet may be required. Unless agreed otherwise in individual contracts, any information contained in the datasheet shall be non-binding and thus does not represent an agreed product constitution. We reserve the right to any changes in the information contained in this datasheet anytime.

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