BORNIT® EasyPipe

pipe apertures | cable apertures | roof area | foundation level
short information
  • for sealing of pipe apertures at foundation or roof level
  • practical EasyPipe complete set
  • with optical tightness control
  • critical area is mechanically protected by the BORNIT® EasyPipe half-shells
  • for cables and pipes
EasyPipe outside diameter 8 - 25 mm
1 piece / box
sufficient for:
EAN code
1 pipe aperture
4 017228 00072 5
EasyPipe outside diameter 26 - 44 mm
1 piece / box
sufficient for:
EAN code
1 pipe aperture
4 017228 00073 2
EasyPipe outside diameter 45 - 63 mm
1 piece / box
sufficient for:
EAN code
1 pipe aperture
4 017228 00074 9
EasyPipe outside diameter 64 - 86 mm
1 piece / box
sufficient for:
EAN code
1 pipe aperture
4 017228 00075 6
EasyPipe outside diameter 87 - 110 mm (DN100)
1 piece / box
sufficient for:
EAN code
1 pipe aperture
4 017228 00076 3
EasyPipe outside diameter 111 - 125 mm (DN125)
1 piece / box
sufficient for:
EAN code
1 pipe aperture
4 017228 00077 0
EasyPipe outside diameter 135 - 160 mm (DN150)
1 piece / box
sufficient for:
EAN code
1 pipe aperture
4 017228 00078 7
1 EasyPipe per pipe aperture
storage note
  • EasyPipe Adhesive: store dry, as it is moisture-curing
  • in originally sealed containers storable for 12 months

status technical data sheet
09 December 2021

areas of application
BORNIT® EasyPipe is used for secure sealing in accordance with DIN18533 W1-E, W2.1-E and W3-E at the penetrations of supply and disposal pipes through walls and ceilings. BORNIT® EasyPipe is installed wherever water may be present: outdoors in connection with the waterproofing layer. This prevents water from penetrating into the building components in the first place. It is effectively stopped beforehand. BORNIT® EasyPipe - the secure pipe sealing system can be used in new construction and especially in renovation, e.g. for irregular wall penetrations or defective annular space seals. The sealing of penetrations on flat roofs is possible without the otherwise necessary roof surface absorption. BORNIT® EasyPipe consists of two half shells made of ABS plastic with moulded-on half plates. The BORNIT® EasyPipe half-shells are placed around the pipe or cable and the integrated fastener is clicked together. The pipe sealing system is securely adhered to the wall or ceiling and the pipe by means of the supplied BORNIT® EasyPipe Adhesive. BORNIT® EasyPipe is tested by the MPA - pressure water-tight up to 2 bar (20 m water column).

type and properties
6800000594 - outer pipe/cable diameter: 8 - 25 mm
6800000595 - outer pipe/cable diameter: 26 - 44 mm
6800000596 - outer pipe/cable diameter: 45 - 63 mm
6800000597 - outer pipe/cable diameter: 64 - 86 mm
6800000598 - outer pipe/cable diameter: 87 - 110 mm (DN100)
6800000599 - outer pipe/cable diameter: 111 - 125 mm (DN125)
6800000600 - outer pipe/cable diameter: 135 - 160 mm (DN150)
6800000530 - BORNIT® EasyPipe Adhesive

  • delivered in a complete installation set
  • considerable time and cost advantage compared to annular gasket
  • retrofitting possible
  • UV-resistant
  • gas-tight
  • movement absorption due to flexible adhesive
  • high mechanical load capacity, as made of ABS plastic
  • critical area is mechanically protected by BORNIT® EasyPipe half shells
  • easy sealing of off-centre wall openings, leaking mortar or oversized openings
  • avoidance of processing errors through visual control during bonding
  • sealing on the outside, not in the wall
  • connection to the existing or to be created vertical or horizontal waterproofing surface. Can be combined with all waterproofing systems - BORNIT® bituminous membranes and all solvent-free BORNIT® waterproofing products
  • can also be used on slightly damp substrates
  • suitable for almost all cables and pipes
  • hardly any preparatory work required
  • installation without special tools
  • MPA tested

The mineral as well as bituminous substrate must be clean, firm and stable as well as free from further contaminations (e.g. paint, oil, etc.). Loose particles must be removed. An improvement adhesion with mineral substrates may be achieved by priming with BORNIT® Basic Primer (not on the pipe or cable, resp.). Sanded bituminous sheeting must be flamed. Suitable substrates are in particular concrete, masonry, thick bitumen coating, and wood. Also applicable on further different substrates and waterproofing materials (comp. MPA certificate, please request).

BORNIT® EasyPipe must only be used together with the system primer and adhesive included (BORNIT® EasyPipe Primer and BORNIT® EasyPipe Adhesive). In addition, the safety data sheets of the system primer and adhesive must be observed!

Choose the BORNIT® EasyPipe with the required inner diameter according to the outer diameter of the pipe or cable, resp., based on the table. Prior to assembly of the BORNIT® EasyPipe, fix the pipe or cable, resp., protruding from the ceiling or wall in the area of the wall passage (e.g. with construction foam), since, upon assembly of the BORNIT® EasyPipe, the pipe must not move anymore.

Draw the outer outlines of the BORNIT® EasyPipe collar onto the substrate with one half as a template. (Figure 1)
Technische Zeichnung
Figure 1

Prime all surfaces to be adhered (inside and surface facing the wall of the BORNIT® EasyPipe collar as well as the adhesion surfaces of the pipe to be enclosed) with BORNIT® EasyPipe primer using the pump spray method. The drying period is 10 minutes. (Figures 2 to 4)
Technische Zeichnung
Figure 2
Technische Zeichnung
Figure 3
Technische Zeichnung
Figure 4

Leave the spray nozzle for the system adhesive at the smallest bulge thickness of 2 mm. Press the BORNIT® EasyPipe Adhesive into the entire groove junction (disk and pipe flange) of the two BORNIT® EasyPipe half-shells. (Figure 5)
Technische Zeichnung
Figure 5

Now cut the spray nozzle of the cartridge to the required bulge thickness – to fill the space between pipe or cable, resp., and pipe collar (use plenty of material – when pressing the shells together, the adhesive bulges between pipe and half-shells must be squeezed flat around the circumference – apply the adhesive bulges up to the groove or tongue, resp.!). Provide the two half-shells with several adhesive bulges – the first adhesive bulge at the outer edge of the shaft – the second one approx. 2 cm below the first one – the third one above the 45 ° angle. (Figure 6)
Technische Zeichnung
Figure 6

The adhesive strips must be applied on a stable substrate; if possible, with a uniform distribution on the disk of the EasyPipe half-shell (the outermost adhesive bulge must be just inside the marking in Figure 1). (Figure 7)

Figure 7

Connect the two half-shells around the pipe about 2 cm from the wall and click them together (Figure 8), then slide them towards the substrate in a slightly rotating fashion, so that an adhesive bulge exits at the disk edge and at the shaft of the BORNIT® EasyPipe Collar. In that, it must be observed that the half-shells are completely in contact with one another, in particular also in the disk area (Figure 9). In order to guarantee optimal adhesion, the parts to be adhered must be joined before the first skin has formed on the adhesive (skin-forming time).
Technische Zeichnung
Figure 8
Technische Zeichnung
Figure 9

Smooth out the adhesive bulging out with a finger (use gloves included).

1 EasyPipe per pipe aperture

product data in brief
product type
EasyPipe Adhesive: strong adhesive and sealant (POP mixed polymer)
EasyPipe Adhesive: 1C-MS polymer
density at +20 °C
EasyPipe Primer: 0.77 g/cm³ EasyPipe Adhesive: 1.44 g/cm³
half-shells: solid
heat resistance
-40 °C up to +90 °C, briefly (approx. 2 hours) up to +130 °C
EasyPipe shell: transparent EasyPipe adhesive: grey
outer diameter: 8 - 25 mm outer diameter: 26 - 44 mm outer diameter: 45 - 63 mm outer diameter: 64 - 86 mm outer diameter: 87 - 110 mm outer diameter: 111 - 125 mm outer diameter: 135 - 160 mm
BORNIT® EasyPipe adhesive: commercially available cartridge gun
processing temperature (ambient and substrate)
+5 °C up to +35 °C
processing time
skin formation after 25 minutes
thorough hardening time
2 - 3 mm in the first 24 hours
EasyPipe Adhesive: store dry, as it is moisture-curing
shelf life
in originally sealed containers storable for 12 months
VOC category
actual permissible VOC content
EasyPipe Primer: 753.3 g/ltr.
hazard class according to ADR
boiling start and Boiling range
EasyPipe-Primer: +60 °C
upper/lower explosion limit
Easy-Pipe-Primer: 12,00 - 1,10 Vol.-%
flash point
EasyPipe-Primer: -30,0 °C
Watertight under pressure
2 bar
Waterproofing according to DIN18533
W1-E, W2.1-E and W3-E
Movement absorption
max. 15 %

health and fire protection, occupational safety
To ensure safe handling of the product, the physical, safety, toxicological and ecological information provided online, the information in the current safety data sheet and the additional information on the label must be read and followed before purchasing or using the product! The applicable regulations, ordinances and laws must be complied with.

In case of doubt, please contact the BORNIT® application technology department or the BORNIT® service hotline on +49 375 2795 123.

Cool and frost-free, unopened cartridge can be stored for 12 months, BORNIT®EasyPipe Collar can be stored indefinitely.

disposal note
Only recycle completely empty containers. Material residues can be disposed of according to AVV-ASN: 080410 (adhesive and sealing compound residues, except for those falling under 080409).

The above information replaces all previous technical information about the product. Thus, this information is no longer valid. The details have been compiled according to the latest state of application technology. Please observe, however, that, depending on the state of the construction object, deviations from the method of application suggested in the datasheet may be required. Unless agreed otherwise in individual contracts, any information contained in the datasheet shall be non-binding and thus does not represent an agreed product constitution. We reserve the right to any changes in the information contained in this datasheet anytime.

BORNIT<sup class=® EasyPipe, pipe penetration, cable penetration, seal, roof, foundation">
BORNIT<sup class=® EasyPipe, pipe penetration, cable penetration, seal, roof, foundation">

UFI 7P20-V05D-C00R-A0A1

Safety Data Sheet Poison Information Centre , 24h: +49-361-730730

ERFURT - Poison Control Centre Erfurt, Joint Poison Information Centre of the federal States of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia; ggiz@ggiz-erfurt.de; www.ggiz-erfurt.de

-     What: name of the substance or product as precisely as possible, etc.
-     How much: as exact a quantity as possible
-     Who: Age, weight, sex and condition of the person(s) concerned.
-     When: Time of the event
-     Where: Place of occurrence
-     How: ingestion, inhalation, skin contact, etc.
-     Why: accidentally or intentionally

UN 1950

Hazard pictograms

signal word

Hazard-determining components for labelling
n-Hexan, Propan-2-ol, Kohlenwasserstoffe, C6-C7, n-Alkane, Isoalkane, Cyclene, < 5% n-Hexan, Titantetraisopropanolat

H225: Highly flammable liquid and vapour.
H304: May be fatal if swallowed and enters airways.
H315: Causes skin irritation.
H319: Causes serious eye irritation.
H336: May cause drowsiness or dizziness.
H412: Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects.

P261: Avoid breathing dust/fume/gas/mist/vapours/spray.
P271: Use only outdoors or in a well-ventilated area.
P304 + P340: IF INHALED: Remove person to fresh air and keep comfortable for breathing.
P331: Do NOT induce vomiting.
P403 + P233: Store in a well-ventilated place. Keep container tightly closed.
P501: Dispose of contents/container to a suitable recycling or disposal facility.

recommended, personal protective equipment: