Graco® Dutymax EH 300 | GH 300

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short information
  • standard series sprayers
  • Easy Out™ pump filter
  • robust and durable chassis
  • ProConnect™ - quick and easy pump changeover
  • with high-performance inline gun
Dutymax EH 300 / GH 300
1 piece / box
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euro pallet
1 box
storage note
  • store in a dry place,
  • when filled with solvent-free product, be sure to store in a frost-free place!

status technical data sheet
04 October 2021

areas of application
One of the most powerful hydraulic airless sprayers for high production contractors.

type and properties
The new TexSpray™ DutyMax™ 300DI sprayer is your reliable partner when it comes to fast work and maximum performance! This hydraulic power pack with long stroke and immersion pump is suitable for the most demanding tasks and materials. Available in standard and ProContractor versions with electric motor (EH) or petrol engine (GH). (source: graco.com)

  • Standard Series sprayers are equipped with the following "Only On A Graco" features:
  • High-efficiency hydraulic motor - the durable Graco hydraulic pump delivers uncompromising reliability and longevity
  • Endurance™ pump with Max Flo™ - the Graco Endurance is the most powerful and reliable pump on the market
  • High performance cooling system - a hydraulic pump is only as effective as its cooling. Graco's innovative cooling system allows the pump to operate at a lower temperature for greater efficiency
  • High-performance suction valve - maintenance-free design withstands high pressure decreases
  • Indoor and outdoor use - quick changeover between petrol and electric motor possible without tools
  • Easy Out™ pump filter - the Easy Out filter works from the inside out, so there are no blockages from dirt or other particles.
  • Robust and durable chassis - with Graco sprayers, it's not just the mechanical components that are convincing. Our chassis are characterised by special durability. The sprayers of the ProContractor series have all the functions of the standard series and additionally the following functions:
  • MaxLife® extreme duty pump - for extra demanding tasks with unrivalled robustness and durability.
  • ProConnect™ - quick and easy pump changes with Graco's ProConnect pump mounting system.
  • QuikReel™ - QuikReel allows you to unwind and rewind up to 100 m of hose in seconds. This allows you to position the sprayer and gun easily and quickly in the desired location.
  • Robust impact protection - Special design for optimum protection of the pump against impacts. Included in the scope of delivery of the standard series:
  • Heavy-duty inline gun
  • LTX643, WR1239 SwitchTips™ and nozzle guard
  • BlueMax™ II Airless hose, 9.5 mm x 15.2 m
  • Whip hose, 9.5 mm x 0.9 m Included in the scope of delivery of the ProContractor series:
  • High-performance inline gun
  • BlueMax II Airless hose, 9.5 mm x 30.4 m
  • Whip hose, 9.5 mm x 0.9 m

product data in brief
product type
hydraulic airless sprayer
DutyMax 300 Standard Series
in fresh state with water, dried with BORNIT® MultiClean Spray, BORNIT® MultiClean or BORNIT® Bitumen Cleaner
store in a dry place, when filled with solvent-free product, be sure to store in a frost-free place!
hazard class according to ADR
Max. nozzle size
Max. conveying capacity
11.3 l/min.
Permissible operating pressure (bar)
227 bar
Supply voltage
Petrol, Electric
Engine size (hp)
Engine size (kW)
Nominal power (hp)
Weight (kg)

health and fire protection, occupational safety
To ensure safe handling of the product, the physical, safety, toxicological and ecological information provided online, the information in the current safety data sheet and the additional information on the label must be read and followed before purchasing or using the product! The applicable regulations, ordinances and laws must be complied with.

In case of doubt, please contact the BORNIT® application technology department or the BORNIT® service hotline on +49 375 2795 123.

store in a dry place, in filled state frost-free!

The above information replaces all previous technical information about the product. Thus, this information is no longer valid. The details have been compiled according to the latest state of application technology. Please observe, however, that, depending on the state of the construction object, deviations from the method of application suggested in the datasheet may be required. Unless agreed otherwise in individual contracts, any information contained in the datasheet shall be non-binding and thus does not represent an agreed product constitution. We reserve the right to any changes in the information contained in this datasheet anytime.
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