polymer bitumen sheeting | cold self-adhesive | building waterproofing
short information
  • environmentally friendly, can be used indoors
  • can also be used at low temperatures
  • good adhesion
  • economical and cost-reducing, as there is little equipment, material and labor required
BORNIthene Plus
15 m² / roll
sufficient for:
EAN code
euro pallet
approx. 13.8 m² with an 8 cm overlap
4 017228 00248 4
15 roll
1.08 m²/m with 8 cm of overlapping
storage note
  • standing upright
  • in originally sealed box storable for 12 months

status technical data sheet
12 November 2020

areas of application
BORNIT® BORNIthene Plus can be used outdoors and indoors as a waterproofing layer on vertical and horizontal surfaces against ground moisture and non-pressing water (W1-E and W4-E). It can also be used for waterproofing against capillary ascending moisture and as a water-vapour barrier in the floor area underneath screed (e.g., outer basement walls, balconies, terraces, roof loggias, wet rooms, retaining walls, basement garages).
BORNIT® BORNIthene Plus does not adhere to silicone-containing substrates!

type and properties
BORNIT® BORNIthene Plus is a cold self-adhesive polymer bitumen sheet for waterproofing of buildings against ground moisture and non-pressing water (W1-E) as well as against splash water and capillary water (W4-E). BORNIT® BORNIthene Plus is solvent-free and can be used indoors and outdoors. BORNIT® BORNIthene Plus can be processed well at low temperatures, is tear-resistant, immediately waterproof and resistant to driving rain, as well as crack-bridging.

  • environmentally friendly, can be used indoors
  • can also be used at low temperatures
  • good adhesion
  • economical and cost-reducing, as there is little equipment, material and labor

Suitable substrates are structurally dense concrete, plasters PII b, PIII b according to DIN 18550, masonry of building bricks, lime-sand bricks, light-weight concrete and hollow concrete blocks built according to DIN, and porous concrete. The masonry must have solidly filled joints, with smoothed joints, if applicable.
The substrate must be thoroughly prepared, so that upon adhesion, the sealing sheet adheres over the entire surface and can be laid without underlying hollow spaces. The substrate must be flat, smooth, pressure-resistant and stable as well as free from contaminations, mould oils, tar, pitch, old coatings, greases, ice, moisture and dust. It must be free from concrete pockets, breakouts, blowholes, cracks and ridges. Protruding mortar residues must be removed, sharp edges smoothed, inner corners formed as fillets (e.g., with BORNIT® Triangle Tape) and joints flushly closed. The surfaces to be waterproofed must be protected from moisture penetrating from the rear. At processing temperatures above +5 °C, the substrates are primed with BORNIT® Unibit. In case of colder temperatures (down to -5 °C), BORNIT® Hot Compound Primer or BORNIT® Hot Compound Primer Fix must be used in any case, in order to ensure the necessary adhesion of the sealing sheet! The drying time of the primer can vary depending on temperature and weather conditions.
Application of BORNIT® BORNIthene Plus must only be undertaken after complete and thorough drying of the primer!

BORNIT® BORNIthene Plus should be stored at room temperature prior to processing. Let the primer thoroughly dry! After drying, adhesion should be tested by adhering small strips of BORNIT® BORNIthene Plus, pressing them on, and then tearing them off again. If the strips can be peeled off easily or if more than 50 % of the primer become detached from the substrate in doing so, then drying has not been sufficient yet and there is no sufficient adhesion of the CAS sheet on the substrate yet! In this case, do not continue working! Sufficient drying / adhesion have only been achieved, when the strip can only be peeled off with effort. Then BORNIT® BORNIthene Plus must be adhered within the next 6 hours. Otherwise priming with a system primer is required again.

Important note
During the construction phase, no water must penetrate between substrate and waterproofing! Upon adhesion early in the morning, please pay attention to possible condensation on the primer (especially in the wall/floor area)! These surfaces must be dried, since otherwise the BORNIT® BORNIthene Plus waterproofing sheet cannot be adhered. The substrate must be free from ice. Do not process under direct solar irradiation. Observe processing temperatures of -5 °C to +30 °C! Store cool during summer. Only remove from the packaging for direct processing.
ATTENTION: Do not use as a top layer / cover layer! The material is not UV-stable.

Upon processing as well as determination of possible uses, in principle observe DIN 18533-2.

Technische Zeichnung
1. Cut the BORNIT® BORNIthene Plus sealing sheet to the required dimensions using a sharp knife and roll them up again.
2. Adhere cut-to-size strips of approx. 30 cm in width to all outer and inner corners for reinforcement. Waterproofing of protruding outer corners (e.g., projecting foundations) is undertaken with the sealing sheet in such manner that first a triangle and then a square with an incision are adhered over the corner, so that a double waterproofing layer is provided.
3. First adhere sheets with approx. 1 m in length and respective lateral overlapping of 8 cm in the lower area of the wall/floor connection from bottom to top (starting at the front face of the floor slab). Before attaching the next sheet, remove the separating film from the self-adhering edge.
4. Waterproofing of the wall surfaces from the base to the lower waterproofing layer is undertaken from top to bottom with sheets cut to size in advance. The sheet length must be chosen such that an overlap of 15 cm over the lower waterproofing layer can be provided. Then uniformly peel off the protective backing by approx. 50 cm at the beginning of the sheet, place the cut-to-size sheet on the substrate with the adhesive side, align it and press it on.
5. Continue peeling off the protective backing and press on the sheet from the centre outward using a brush or a cloth, in order to achieve good immediate adhesion and to avoid folds and air bubbles.
6. Subsequently roll on the entire sheet using a rubber roller in a firm and uniform manner. Prior to attaching the next sheet, respectively remove the separating film from the self-adhering edge. The sheets must overlap by 8 cm, roll on these areas with particular diligence.
7. In case of vertical surfaces in the upper junction area, the sheets are secured using clamping rails or flashing strips.
8. Prior to filling the construction pit, the sealing sheets must be protected against damaging (e.g., using polystyrene drainage panels, dimpled sheeting with filter fleece, etc.). Vertical surfaces must be filled up with soil immediately. Horizontal surfaces must be covered and pressed on for 2 weeks. During this period, the surfaces waterproofed with BORNIT® BORNIthene Plus must be protected from solar irradiation.
9. Upon installing additional thermal insulation (between sealing sheet and dimpled sheeting), e.g., made of polystyrene rigid-foam panels, these are adhered onto the BORNIT® BORNIthene Plus sealing sheet using BORNIT® 2C Flex (Thick Bitumen Coating).

1.08 m²/m with 8 cm of overlapping

product data in brief
density at +20 °C
ca. 1,00 g/cm³
plastic, solid
1.0 x 15.0 m
processing temperature (ambient and substrate)
-5 °C to +30 °C
BORNIT®-MultiClean Fix, BORNIT®-MultiClean oder BORNIT®-Bitumenreiniger
standing upright
shelf life
in originally sealed box storable for 12 months
hazard class according to ADR
boiling start and Boiling range
> +350 °C
flash point
> +200,0 °C
Backing film
cross-laminated HDPE film
Weight / roll
approx. 23 kg
Substrate temperature
+5 °C to +25 °C
>1.5 mm (DIN EN 1849-1)
Dimension roll
1 m
Standard 15 m
Special dimensions
on request

health and fire protection, occupational safety
Caution - Only use in well-ventilated outdoor areas. Not suitable for use in closed rooms or poorly ventilated pits!
Do not eat, drink or smoke while working, keep away from sources of ignition.

To ensure safe handling of the product, the physical, safety, toxicological and ecological information provided online, the information in the current safety data sheet and the additional information on the label must be read and followed before purchasing or using the product! The applicable regulations, ordinances and laws must be complied with.

In case of doubt, please contact the BORNIT® application technology department or the BORNIT® service hotline on +49 375 2795 123.

Standing, in the original box, unopened, storable for 12 months. Protect from direct solar irradiation, store cool and dry.

disposal note
Material residues can be disposed of according to AVV-ASN: 170302 (bitumen mixtures except for those falling under 170301).

The above information replaces all previous technical information about the product. Thus, this information is no longer valid. The details have been compiled according to the latest state of application technology. Please observe, however, that, depending on the state of the construction object, deviations from the method of application suggested in the datasheet may be required. Unless agreed otherwise in individual contracts, any information contained in the datasheet shall be non-binding and thus does not represent an agreed product constitution. We reserve the right to any changes in the information contained in this datasheet anytime.
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Reichenbacher Straße 117
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EN 13969:2007-3
Cold self-adhesive bituminous sheeting with HDPE backing film,
moisture barrier type A /
groundwater barrier type T

Thickness in mm≥ 1.5
Fire behaviourClass E
Straightness in mm/10 m≤ 20
Tensile behaviour in N/50 mm≥ 200
Expansion behaviour in %≥ 150
Cold bending behaviour in °C≤ -30
Tear propagation resistance in N≥ 100
Durability against ageingPassed

No dangerous good in sense of these transport regulations.

recommended, personal protective equipment: